What Are Snap In Dentures?

You can find the Snap In Dentures with different names:

  • Mini denture implants
  • Mini dental implant dentures
  • Mini implant dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures


The design of the Snap-On Dentures is simple; they are steady but removable. Each Snap In Denture has inserted O-rings *the housings( in the palateless denture's inner base). This rubber housings anchor to the mini implants set in or jawbone. 

The Snap On Dentures clips or locks to the Mini Implants; it sits over the gums and snaps down. The head of the mini implants and the O-Rings placed into the dentures create the "Snap" effect when they rest over your gums. 

Palateless dentures at affordable prices in Cancun.

These dentures have no palate, and they can be "Snapped On" and "Snapped off" from your jawbone with the pressure of your fingers.

It is a simple surgical procedure that provides new teeth in less than a week. Meanwhile, you can recover and enjoy a dental vacation in paradise!

You can get new dentures or use your existing set of dentures. We can adapt your current dentures with metal/rubber O-Rings and remove the palate. Either way, you can use any of those options to get all the Snap-in Dentures' benefits!

Denture Implants cost far less in Mexico than in the United States.