5 Most Common Dentures Problems

The most common dentures problems include dealing with constant discomfort. The discomfort is a result of loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Some people prefer to withdraw from some social engagement types as they are afraid of having an embarrassing situation.
In America, there are approximately 40,000,000people who lack one or more teeth. They struggle every day with all types of prosthetic devices.

dentures problems

Old fashioned dentures usually rub, hurt, and irritate the gums. The movement of the jaw makes it almost impossible to maintain a denture in place. Ordinary dentures have a full palate, which is different from the Snap In Dentures that are palate-less.
With standard dentures, people usually need to use expensive dentures adhesives to keep them in place.

Most of these denture adhesives do not work well. Denture wearers can not seem to forget that their denture could get unglued. They have been exposed to experience an embarrassing situation.

Denture's Problems Are Annoying

If you know that your dentures could move while you eat, speak or laugh, that can affect your social life! It can also affect or self-esteem.

You can lose your teeth for several reasons: disease, trauma, gum infections, aging, genetics, etc.

Millions of Americans are currently wearing traditional dentures as a long-term solution. All these patients can now benefit from more viable options.

New technologies end many of the denture's problems. Problems that people face when using traditional dentures as a replacement device for lost teeth.

Dentures Slippage and Movement

As we age, the jawbone and its surrounding tissues are continually changing.
Over time, these muscles and bones will shrink, which affects how our dentures fit into place.

If you've had dentures for several years, you may begin to notice a certain denture movement amount. The lack of a secure fit can often result in sores appearing in your mouth. The cause is from the dentures rubbing all day against your cheeks and gums.

Strange Speech Pattern and Odd Noises

Maybe at the beginning, your dentures may have once fit well. But, regular dentures rarely fit well all the time.

With time, the bones and tissues in your mouth begin to change.
You may begin to notice your dentures fit loose. Maybe moving around inside of your mouth, making it difficult to eat. It will also be difficult to form certain words or to speak correctly. They may even rub against lips and gums, or detach altogether. Wich will cause a strange clicking or smacking noise when you talk.

Chewing Problems With Common Dentures

A common complaint of dentures problems wearers have is the inability to eat and chew. Certain foods that were once a regular part of their everyday diet are now forbidden.

Denture adhesives that people use to secure these dentures often fail. It causes the dentures to move around while chewing certain types of foods is almost impossible. Many denture wearers have to give up these foods altogether.

Lack of Adhesion

Ordinary dentures need to attach with adhesives. These dentures adhesive will react with our mouth saliva. They are supposed to bring a strong bond between the oral device, the gums, and the mouth's roof. But, certain medications can lead to a common dentures problems side effect called "dry mouth."

It will affect the effectiveness of this adhesive. It will cause that the dentures detach from the gums and palate. Traditional dentures have long been the only solution for replacing lost teeth.

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