Mini Implant Supported Dentures FAQ's

It is your choice. We can create a brand new set of mini dental implants dentures for you or adapt the dentures you wear now. Also, we need to check first if your current denture can be adjusted. If that is the case, you will only pay $89 US for each O-Ring or Housing to adapt to your present denture for a new implant-supported denture.

Almost anyone can have them; in fact, Minis are a better option for people with a narrow bone or loss.

Not painful at all; you may experience minor discomfort for one day. We use local anesthesia, and get full sedation is also an option at an extra price.

In 80% of the cases, we do it. There are some cases (when your bone is too thin) that we need at least three days of no pressure over those mini implants. It may vary in each particular case.

For a new set of mini dental implants dentures, please visit Cancun for an entire week. To adapt your current dentures (if they can be adjusted), a couple of days will be more than enough. The lab does not work on Sundays, so please do not count Sunday as a day for your treatment.

It happens in some cases, but it is not in your hands or ours; it is your natural body reaction, which happens in 7% of all cases. In smokers, the chance raises to 30% Oral hygiene plays a crucial role in keeping the mini implants healthy.

There is a strong possibility that if you smoke or don't have the proper hygiene or do not take your antibiotics after the procedure, regular hygiene us a must. You need to clean your dentures and brush them, take them out, and use mouthwash, and we also recommend a Waterpik.

Yes, you can, but there is a big chance (30%) you will lose them. Your warranty will be void on lost or rejected implants on smokers.

Yes, you can, it is your choice; the denture will not hurt your gums.

We use local anesthesia, or if you prefer, you can have sedation. A professional anesthesiologist performs it and has an extra cost of $399 US.

Mini implant-supported dentures cost only $450 US per mini implant and $1,200 US for a new set of mini dental implants dentures. You can pay in cash or credit card.