Implant Retained Dentures, How they Work?


Snap On DenturesCommon denture wearers usually lack confidence. This is because they are always worrying if their dentures will stay in place or not.

Without a real denture stabilization, you will always be worried about losing your denture and gave an embarrassing moment.

The Snap On Dentures or mini-implant retained dentures is a popular treatment used by many Americans that decided for a better quality of life.

The mini implant-supported dentures cost less in Mexico and we use the same materials as or home dentist.

The head of the Mini Dental Implant is shaped like an o-ball.

Te head of the mini implant acts like a socket that contains a rubber O-ring. The O-Ring snaps or "locks" over the head of the Mini Dental Implant. This happens when the denture sits over your gums. It will hold the mini implant retained dentures, making them strong! You can even bite an apple!


The set of mini dental implants on your jawbone or maxilla is a simple surgical procedure. It is a painless minimal procedure. We manage pain with local anesthesia, and IV sedation is available as well. We only need one 90 minutes to place all the mini dental implants you need in your bone.


The o-rings are adapted to the new palateless denturesSome people are used to their own dentures. They want to keep using them. If this is or case, we can adapt your current dentures. We can set the rubber O-Rings and them into Snap On Dentures. All performed in just one week while you enjoy paradise! 

We can also create a new Snap on Denture with O-Rings for you (in this case, we need you in Cancun for 6 days). These mini implant retained dentures make your bite as strong as it used to be in your early years!

Dental work in Mexico is cheaper than in the U.S. 

Without the need to sacrifice any type of quality in the materials. The Snap On dentures cost can vary from location to location. In Mexico, you can have both sets of Snap-On Dentures for the fraction of the cost. Compared to any dental implants center that as mini implant-supported dentures.