How To Take Care Of Your Snap On Dentures

Once you get your new Snap On Dentures, it is important to know how to handle your new teeth. Taking care of your new mini implant dentures deserves careful handling. In several ways, it needs to be taken care of just like your natural teeth.

Snap in dentures before and after

At our in-house laboratory, we craft your Snap On Dentures. We only use the finest materials available in the market. 

We create beautiful smiles that can bring a strong chew and bite. With the strong grip that the Snap On Dentures gives, you can eat corn on the cob, carrots, apples, etc.

Coming to Cancun to get your Snap On Dentures is something that thousands have already done. All these patients came for a dental implant vacation to Cancun and know that their habits must change. Your daily habits must change and you need to take good care of your new smile, created with Snap On Dentures.

Try To Avoid Breaks On Your Mini Implant Dentures.

The Snap On Dentures is not unbreakable. They are not made of steel, they are made with porcelain and acrylic. You must be careful not to drop them to the floor since they can break even if dropped from a few inches.


Gentle Cleaning Of  Your Snap On Dentures

dentures-cleanerYou will need to clean your new Snap in Dentures every night with mild soap and water. Please, do not use any dentures soaps or pills and avoid scrubbing them. 

After you have cleaned them with water and soap, the way to try them is to place them on a folded towel. You will avoid dropping them by accident.

Use Your Snap In Dentures Overnight

One of the most common questions we have is if you can sleep with your new mini implant dentures. The answer is yes. It is like sleeping with socks, it is a personal choice.

Do Not Experiment With Your Snap Dentures

Any type of abrasive cleaners or whitening harsh toothpaste will damage your new snap dentures. Soaking or bleaching can damage a permanent way your dentures too. Avoid placing your Snap On dentures on hot water as well.

dentures-repairAvoid do-it-yourself  Repairs On Your Mini Implant Dentures

The Snap On dentures could need repairs ad adjustments. They can be done by a denturist or dentist to ensure a comfortable fit ad avoid any future problems. 

You can also come down to Cancun every year to have the rubber O-balls replaced and have a general clean. We will also polish your snap-in denture so it looks like new again. If the snap on dentures breaks, please avoid any glues from the hardware store. Please, come to Cancun and we will help you!

Brush Your Mouth too!

Optimal oral hygiene helps. When you brush, you avoid problems such as soreness, irritation, and infection. You also avoid any abscesses, infections or problems with the mini dental implants. You will need to brush your mini implants as they were your regular teeth. You will need to use a water pick and mouthwash.

If you need Snap Dentures please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you get a strong bite!