Mini Denture Implants Benefits

Snap On Dentures is a system that will hold your denture in place. It anchors through the mini dental implants set before into your bone. We set the mini implants on the same day you arrive at Cancun!

The Snap In Dentures with implants can change everyday life activities! After just one week in Cancun, you will feel the confidence of being able to eat, talk, and laugh all you want!

The Snap On Dentures is a removable device designed to place them on and off easily.
We only use American brands. We import all the materials we use at our dental clinic in Cancun.

Note: If you are looking for permanent dentures like All On 4 or All On 6, click on the link to get further info. The All On Four or All On Six is a fixed bridge solution, while the Snap On Dentures is a removable solution.

Unlike the All On 4 dental implants, the Snap On Dentures needs one trip of 8 days to Cancun (12 days if you need extractions).

The Snap On Dentures is different from the All On 4 Dental Implants system which requires two trips to Cancun. The snap-in dentures are set in just one week while you enjoy Cancun.

There is no need to make a second trip to load the clip-on dentures. The permanent dentures cost a bit more than the Snap-on dentures.

What is the 'snap effect'?

We call the 'snap' when the Snap-on denture sits over your gums. The snap-on denture will lock or clip over the mini dental implants.
The head of the mini implants and the O-Rings placed at the dentures creates the "Snap" effect when you pressure them together.

The Snap On Dentures Is Palateless

It is a minimal and straightforward surgical procedure. We will create new teeth in a week while you can enjoy a vacation in Cancun, Mexico!

Can We Adapt My Current Dentures For Snap On Dentures?

Yes, we can. If your dentures are in good shape, we can do it. You can get new snap-on dentures with your existing set of dentures. We can adapt them with rubber O-Rings. Either way, you can use any of those options to get all the snap denture benefits!

When your denture 'Snaps On,' it means the denture with the O-Rings rests over your gums. It 'snaps' over the ball-shaped head of the mini dental implant, creating denture stability. 

It means your Snap On Dentures will not move or wiggle. You will avoid any gum pain. The Snap-on dentures give you the freedom to eat all you want, speak, laugh, avoid bad breath, taste all foods, chew and bite all you need. 

How Expensive Are Snap On Dentures? 

Dental implants cost vary from country to country. In Mexico, dental prices are lower and more accessible.

Don't put off necessary dental procedures any longer due to high costs. Our U.S. licensed and specialized team will give you a smile that you've always wanted. You can save almost 75% of the average cost of dental care in the United States. Start smiling today!