Snap On Dentures Cost in Mexico

Make them yours today for 3,900 USD. Only eight days in Cancun, Mexico!

Do you feel tired of dealing with dentures that don't fit, making you gag, that requires glues, and are always loose? Ditch your dentures forever with Snap In Dentures with mini dental implants.

Recover the freedom to eat, chew, and feel the food's taste and temperature. No more limits! The Snap In Denture is a low-cost solution for people that need affordable dentures with mini implants.

The Snap On Dentures Cost Includes 6 mini dental implants

  • 4 extractions for FREE
  • 1 palateless Snap On Denture with inserted O-Ring housings
  • Free computerized evaluation with 3D CT Scan. We will also create surgical guides.
  • Wax tests, adjustments, and consultations.
  • Price for the upper or bottom denture.
Snap On Dentures

IMPORTANT: If you need a fixed denture, you need the All On 4 Dental Implants procedure,  follow the link to learn more.

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    What Are Snap In Dentures?

    This is how the Snap On Dentures work:


    • The Snap In Dentures (or Snap On Dentures) is an adapted palateless denture. It has rubber housings on the internal base.
    • These rubber housings will sit or snap over the head of each mini-implant.
    • When the palateless denture Snaps down, it stays still—the Snap In Denture does not move or slip.


    The Snap Dentures are palateless removable dentures that grips, locks, or clips on the abutments of the mini implants. The palateless denture sits gently over the mini implant's abutments without hurting your gums.  

    This is the mechanic behind the Snap-In Detures
    The mini implant Snap In denture that clips in with the pressure of your fingers.

    The inserted rubber/metal housings located at the inner base of the Snap In Denture is the housing for the mini-implants head.

    How does the Palateless Denture Snaps in?

    The mini dental implant's head
    The mini dental implants head is o-ball shapped. The Snap On Denture clips on top.

    When the Snap On Dentures sits over the mini implants' head, they will snap, clip, anchor, or lock them. The snap provides a strong anchor and grip to give the patient bite stability and strength to chew regular food. No more shakes as meal replacements or smashing food!

    You will need to press the Snap In Dentures down with your fingers against your gums. To unlock them, you need to make the same pressure out. They can snap on and off as many times as required.

    We surgically insert into your bone six to eight mini dental implants per arch.

    The Snap Dentures give back the much-needed stability to chew the foods you like and feel safe at social gatherings

    Get rid of all dentures adhesives for good! Dentures glue aren't that effective and can cause you further health problems.

    Mini Implant Dentures

    This type of Snap In Dentures requires Mini Dental Implants.

    The Snap-In dentures over mini-implants don't need regular dental implants. There two main differences,

    1. The mini implants' head or outer part is an o-ball.
    2. The mini implant is shorter than a regular implant. The size of a mini dental implant is 1.8 mm. The size of a standard size implant is 3.75 mm

    The mini implants with Snap On dentures are a solution for people with low bone density.

    If you have been using ordinary dentures for a while, you can notice that your dentures will begin to feel unfit or unstable over time. You can maybe feel them slip or move. 

    The reason is that, as a natural body reaction, the bone shrinks when teeth are missing.

    Mini dental implants set in an upper maxilla.
    Mini dental implants for Snap In Dentures.

    How do the mini implant dentures Work?

    These are the encrusted rubber/metal housings located at the inner base of the Snap In Denture.

    First, we set the mini dental implants into your jawbone or maxilla. We place from six to eight mini-implants per dental arch.

    The head of the mini dental implants comes shaped as an O-ball.

    The adapted dentures come with rubber housing encrusted into the denture.

    The rubber o-rings will sit on top of the head of the mini implants for dentures. As soon as they sit, they will snap under your fingers' pressure.

    You will be able to snap them on and off as many times as you wish.

    Snap In Denture with six mini dental implants.
    These are the encrusted rubber/metal housings located at the inner base of the Snap In Denture.


    How many mini implants do you need for Snap On Dentures?

    Six to eight mini dental implants can hold a full-arch, a palateless denture that snaps, fits, locks, or clips on as many times want

    How is the Snap On Dentures Procedure done?

    In your initial consultation, we will perform a free 3D CT Scan, where we will verify where you have the best bone available. We will also create surgical guides.

    It is a minimal surgery procedure. It takes about 90 minutes to complete; we insert six or eight mini dental implants per dental arch. We use local anesthesia. Also, you can request IV sedation (extra cost)

    The Snap Dentures are loaded immediately. We do not have to wait for months for the osseointegration process. On top of six or eight mini dental implants, we load a Snap In Denture. All the process takes eight days down in Cancun, Mexico.


    Dr. Omar Lugo places mini dental implants for SNap On Dentures in Cancun

     The Mini Implant Dentures surgery is a minimal procedure. It does not give significant discomfort or pain. It is also a surgery where the healing time is ultrafast!

    The Benefits Of a Palateless Denture

    Does Snap In Dentures have a palate on the top denture on the roof of your mouth? NO! They are palateless!

    Full set of Snap In Dentures with Mini Implants
    A full set of Snap In Dentures with Mini Dental Implants

    The upper Snap-On Denture is palateless

    You will feel the food's temperature and flavor!

    Ordinary dentures cover the roof of the mouth. When the palate is covered, you can't taste the food's flavors or feel your eating temperature.

    Ordinary dentures have a full palate, that is needed to place the glue. With Snap On Dentures, you can ditch your messy and failing adhesive!

    The Snap-On Dentures is an adapted palateless denture that gives back the ability to taste food's temperature and provides a healthy bite! Strong enough to bite any foods you like!

    NO MORE SOFT FOOD! Ditch Your Denture Adhesive!

    Bite And Chew Again With Confidence!

    With Snap In Dentures, you can taste, chew, bite, laugh openly, sing, kiss, speak without worries. You need to spend eight days in Cancun, Mexico, for a new set of mini implant-supported dentures.

    Snap In Dentures in Cancun Mexico in just 8 days

    Snap On Dentures Before and After
    Before and after of Snap On Dentures in Mexico at our clinic in Cancun.

    We complete the Snap-In Dentures treatment in eight days. We will perform the extractions first, place the mini implants, and create your new adapted Snap In Dentures.

    After eight days in Cancun, we will deliver a brand new set of teeth.

    Immediate load means that the Snap In Denture is set immediately, and there is no need to return to any further treatment. It also means that you will be able to eat right away!

    You will not only restore your confidence and social life, but you enhance your looks too, with a new set of teeth! When you choose your new Snap-On Denture, we can pick the color, the size, shape, etc.


    We create beautiful smiles that can bring a healthy chew and bite. With the firm grip that the Snap On Dentures gives, you can eat corn on the cob, carrots, apples, etc.

    Snap In Dentures completed in only a week in Mexico

    Before the treatment
    We pick you up from the airport. We drive you to the clinic for your initial evaluation.
    X ray shows the before and after of the placement of the mini dental implants.
    We do the extractions in case there are remaining teeth. In the same surgery, we place the mini dental implants into your bone.
    Wax test for palateless dentures
    We measure with wax the height of your new smile. We also restore the occlusion, and we chose the Snap In Dentures color.
    Wax model of the mini implant overdentures.
    The next wax test will show us a model of how your new teeth will look. It is the last appointment for wax tests.
    Laboratory manufacture of the Lock In Denture.
    During our laboratory time-frame, you can relax in Cancun.
    Upper set of Snap In Dentures
    We test and set the dentures, and we try out the o-ring housings. You can start eating now.
    Full set of lock in Dentures.
    Final adjustments and checkups.
    Clip In Dentures after eight days in Cancun.
    The Snap-On Dentures treatment complete after only eight days in Cancun, Mexico.

    How Much Is The Snap-On Dentures Cost In Mexico?

    Snap On Dentures Cost Comparison price list


    Come to Cancun and save almost 75% compared to Snap dentures' prices in the United States.


    The materials we use are the same ones your dentist back at home use. Here at our Cancun Dental clinic, you will save thousands, and in just one week, you will get a new smile with a firm bite.


    Call us now 1-888-818-6328 or send us an email. We have dental planners that will help you put you in touch with our Cancun Dental Specialists team. We can help you through your process to get your brand new Snap On Dentures.


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